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Susi Pudjiastuti is Indonesia’s Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries under the cabinet of President Joko Widodo. Prior to her ministerial appointment, she was the CEO but still the owner of ASI Pudjiastuti Aviation, which operates the Susi Air airline in Indonesia; ASI Geosurvey; and ASI Pudjiastuti Marine Product, a seafood-export company based in Pangandaran, West Java.

Ms Pudjiastuti is a recipient of many awards and honours, including the APEC Award for Innovative Achievements, Extraordinary Leadership and Significant Contributions to the Economy at the Women and Economy Summit (2011); Primaniyarta Award for Best Small and Medium Enterprise by the President of the Republic of Indonesia (2005); Ernst and Young Indonesia Young Entrepreneur of the Year (2005); Ganesha Widya Jasa Aditama Award by the Bandung Institute of Technology (2011); and Metro Eagle Award, Award for Economics, given by Metro TV Indonesia (2006).