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Dr Sochivi Kao is the Deputy Direct General of Fisheries Administration (FiA) of Cambodia which in charge and responsible for the works of: (1) Department of Fisheries Affair (DFA); (2) the Marine Fisheries Research and Development Institute (MFReDI); (3) the Marine Fisheries Research Center (MFRC); (4) One Village One Fisheries Product/Service (FOVOP); (5) Climate Change (CC)& Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) in the Fisheries Sector; (6) Chair of Advisory board of Women Association in Fisheries Sector; (7) Lead national FiA-IUU-Task Force; (8) , as well as SEAFDEC, InfoFish, WorldFish Center, APFIC, RPOA-IUU Fishing. Beside of these Dr Kao is also a Professor of the Royal University of Agriculture (RUA) and a Senior Social Research Scientist.