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Paul Whitaker is the Director of Strategy at Kongsberg Satellite Services, commonly referred to as KSAT.  In this capacity he has engaged with many global entities looking to identify vessels at sea.

KSAT is well-known for its focus on rapid delivery of information from a large portfolio of satellite sources; services they have been providing to regulators and global companies for over twenty years. From uniquely positioned antennas on the remote island of Svalbard, they are able to monitor maritime vessels anywhere in the world, using an unprecedented number of commercial satellites – both radar and optical. Mr. Whitaker has played a lead role in multiple engagements related to IUU fishing and is keen to identify further opportunities to get involved with this critical issue and assist the global community.

Mr. Whitaker holds Masters Degrees in Hydrology as well as Business Administration.  He spent ten years as a management consultant before joining KSAT, and is now charged with a range of business development activities around the world, raising awareness of satellite capabilities to provide services in everything from oil spill detection to vessel tracking to monitoring ice conditions. He has spent much of the past year based in Australia and, while he now calls Oslo home, is happy to be back in the Southern Hemisphere today as winter quickly approaches the northern latitudes.