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Hennie van As is a Professor of Public Law and Director of the Centre for Law in Action at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU) in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. He is an admitted advocate and is also responsible for the Refugee Rights Centre. His work at the Centre for Law in Action focuses on the drafting, implementation, enforcement and administration of legislation.

Within local government, he focuses on municipal health law, municipal law enforcement, improvement of local governance and council oversight. He has written municipal codes for more than 60 municipalities in South Africa. He also served as an expert member, nominated by the World Bank, for the development of local government legislation in East Timor.

One of his current projects involves the establishment of a Fisheries Crime Law Enforcement Academy at the university. For this he has the support of various working groups at the UNODC, INTERPOL and the AU. He also serves on the steering committee of PescaDOLUS, an independent research and capacity building network which focuses on innovative inter-disciplinary solutions addressing transnational organised fisheries crime. He is also a member of LETRainNET, a UNODC initiative that promotes collaboration between law enforcement training institutions across the world.